Meet Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes , instructors at Blue Otter. Both Karyn and Sarah are clinical herbalists and maintain their own private practices as well as running their school. Each brings their clinical experience and unique teaching style to the program Far from major cities and surrounded by mountains and the beauty of nature, Blue Otter is nestled between Mt. Shasta and the Marble Mountain Wilderness. We are located half-way between San Francisco and Portland, just a half hour drive from I5. At Blue Otter an energetic approach to viewing the world, plants and healing infuses all of our teachings; whether we are talking about medicine making, working with clients or physiology. In addition to planting in the creek and our woods, we have a half acre garden with many, many medicinal herbs for students to get to know and have the opportunity to tend.

We live in and teach from a Native American perspective; from a paradigm that the plant people were the first beings, our elders and teachers, and that they hold the oldest knowledge. We are committed to passing on this knowledge and fostering these relationships between people and plants and all of nature.

  • Chamomile: Big Medicine – 07.06.21

    Join Renée Camila for an intimate look at Chamomile. Often overlooked yet very powerful, she explores their folklore, magic, and medicine.
  • Fermentation and Health – 08.24.21

    Join Emiliano Lemus with guest Sandor Katz as they discuss the health benefits of fermented foods, beverages, and even plant medicines. Sandor is a fermentation revivalist whose books and teaching have helped catalyze a broad revival of the fermentation arts during the last 20 years. His new book, “Fermentation Journeys: Recipes, Techniques & Traditions from Around the World,” will be released in October.
  • Honoring our Elders: Doña Enriqueta Contreras – 10.26.21

    Join Sarah Holmes for another segment in our series, Honoring our Elders. In this episode, Sarah interviews Doña Enriqueta Contreras Contreras, curandera, midwife and teacher. Doña Queta resides in Oaxaca, Mexico. They are joined by Elisa Marina Alvarado graciously translating.
  • Black Earth Wisdom – 08.31.21

    Join Karyn Sanders and her guest, B. Anderson for a discussion of healing and Black Earth Wisdom. B. is an herbalist, earth worker, somatic and music therapy practitioner and founder and steward of Song of the Spirit.
  • Herbal First Aid for Protests – 6.09.20

    Join Sarah Holmes and her guests Olympia Beltran and Dixie Pauline for a discussion of how to utilize herbal first aid at protests and gatherings. Olympia and Dixie have many years of street medic experience and have done this work together in support of Run4Salmon.
  • Mental Health During the Pandemic – 4.14.20

    Continuing our “Support During the Pandemic” series, Emiliano Lemus talks about taking care of our nervous systems and staying balanced emotionally during the Coronavirus epidemic. We’ll discuss herbs for stress, anxiety, the blues, grief, fear, boundaries, and more.
  • Support During the Pandemic – Part Two – 3.31.20

    Listen in while Sarah Holmes discusses self care and community care during the pandemic; a continuation of last week’s program.
  • Support During the Pandemic – Part One – 3.24.20

    Listen in while Sarah Holmes discusses self care and community care during the pandemic.
  • Folk Medicine During Pregnancy – 1.07.20

    Join guest host Renée Camila as she discusses safe herbs and practices to support the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies during pregnancy.


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